At Mobility Match, we are creating a healthy ecosystem between health and transportation partners to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders and the community we serve. Through our services, we take time to educate both our partners and our patient users to ensure a sustainable experience for all parties.

How it works

1. Referral
Patients at risk of missing an appointment are referred to Mobility Match by their health provider. 

2. Plan
Mobility Match will get to know the patients, identify their needs as they relate to transportation inequities, and create a plan to help create sustainable transportation habits. 

3. Coordinate
Using our universal mobility platform, Mobility Match will coordinate and schedule trips with the patient. 

4. Follow-up
Mobility Match will follow up with the patient after scheduled trips, to ensure excellent service delivery and to identify any additional service needs.


Reduce missed health appointments
Increase patient health and quality of life
Increase cost savings, due to a healthier network
Reduce cost of care, due to less preventable emergency room visits
Decrease in lost revenue, due to time lost from missed appointments
Increase organizational efficiency, due to time savings and management


Since we are mission-driven to create sustainable solutions, a 3-month subscription is required for first-time users, to allow time for education and individual lifestyle changes to develop. After the initial 3 months, the customer may continue services at a monthly rate or pay per trip. Monthly membership rate includes the cost of the trips. 

+patient centered

+travel education

+travel training

+stress free trip coordination

+unlimited number of trips per month

+accountability and support